Maya (superball81) wrote,

Top Model thoughts/Jesus

Ebony, I thought had the best body. Does she have breast implants? Maybe I like breast implants.

The lesbian is hot. I hope they give her long hair extensions.

The annoying girl from North Dakota is not so bad.

A lot of people have bad noses.

Miss Jay is so much more tolerable than Jay and Tyra.

The whole thing where these girls act like modeling is their life's dream. I love "I don't feel alive unless I'm modeling." I mean and they have these crazy like philosophies about competition, how they win and persevere. Blah blah blah.

My Jesus though was that the resurrection element of the story of Jesus seems unnecessary and without it I would take Christianity more seriously. I don't think I actually would, but what's that about. It just seems like an unnecessary element.

OMG did anyone see this Britney Spears perfume commercial for the perfume fantasy?
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